The power of belief

To understand the power behind belief and believing in things you should first understand what belief truly means.

The dictionary states that believing is to accept something without proof. Many of us might not have even searched for the meaning of the word ‘believe’ considering how we all know what it means as it is such a widespread word, yet if someone had to ask us what belief or to believe means, we might not even be able to form a complete sentence of its actual meaning.

Belief can give us a sense of assurance and guide us into directions simply because of the fact that we have belief in it. Most people believe in things with their hearts and mind and then they allow their beliefs to direct them onto a path in their life based on it.


Belief has the ability to lead you to success as it will give you the hope and motivation you may require to keep you steadfast and believe that the best will occur whether it happens now or after a while.

Our world may not have the ability to function if people didn't have a belief. Some people might argue that they don't have belief, perhaps they don't believe in a particular religion or way of life however we strongly believe that the concept of belief is somehow ingrained in each and every person whether they recognize it or not.


How are we so sure about this? Many ways lead to this explanation. A simple part of understanding it is life. We are alive simply because we believe, because we have hope, and we believe that there is something to look forward to tomorrow and in the future.


Once a person loses all their hope they lose their sense of direction, and life becomes unsure for them. They begin to question their meaning in life and whether or not they belong. Therefore every person must recognize ‘a belief’ in their life.


Believing isn’t only the act of admitting that something exists or acknowledging it, it is putting your faith and trust into something and believing that it will work and that you will achieve what you want.

Most people want to believe that they will achieve their goals in life. What happens at this point? Some people end up achieving their goals, but some don’t. You might be wondering why this happens, and it is simple but most of us don’t even realize it.

Let us understand why some people end up achieving their goals and why some don’t.

For people who achieve their goals, some might say it is pure luck, or it is simply coincidence, however, we beg to differ. We might blame luck for a lot of things that we don’t want to admit. The truth is that we don’t see when someone struggles or when someone is at their lowest point and on the brink of giving up. We only see the shiny ending when they have finally achieved their dreams and then envy them without a second thought and don’t give them the credit for the hard work that they deserve.


Now for the important part. Why did they succeed and achieve their goals? It is quite simple. They believed. That one word has so much power that it can either make a weak man rise or make a strong man weak. Those people who succeeded could have easily given up when things got tough and when they saw no results, yet something within themselves caused them to believe and made them stay firm on the path that would lead them to their success.

It may seem like an easy task, make yourself believe right? Super easy, but that’s not always the case. At times it does become hard to implant belief in yourself when it seems like every single thing in your life is pointing an arrow towards you. You may try to jump, but you'll fall. You may try to crawl but there’ll be thorns. You may want to fly, but you won't have wings. Everything in life will come at you from every single direction when your mind is set on achieving everything you so dearly desire. Does that mean you should give up? No.

It is the people who crawled through the thorns, made their own wings and lifted their grazed knees from the floor, and rose again who succeeded. They too wanted to give up, but they believed and they did not allow obstacles to block their path. But for people who didn’t succeed in achieving their goals, there are two scenarios that we can take into account for why they didn’t.

It is either, they found a new path or they didn’t believe it. If you stop believing, you won't have the ability to lift yourself off the floor and continue your journey, when you lose belief your heart weakens and you lose the passion you once had because you're not allowing yourself to see beyond the obstacles that block your path. Sometimes, the path we take may also not be the path meant for us and so we choose a different one, but even that means you have believed because you believe that changing your direction and road will be a better path for you.


Those people who we admire, who we look up to and dream of one day standing next to, those people believed, and they overcame every single rock and stone in their path, they got bruised but they didn’t let that to allow them to lose all hope, and that’s the beauty of belief. It doesn’t allow you to see what your outcome will be, but if you have faith in what you desire and believe it will drive you to the path necessary for you to achieve your dreams.

Belief is like the trusting hand on a steering wheel, if you allow it, it will take you to many places, there may be traffic, there may be a delay, sometimes even accidents on the way, but most of the time you'll arrive at your destination and it'll be because you believed that the hand on the steering wheel will take you there.


Perhaps it may that you're at the finish line of achieving your goals, but because you turned around at the last second you stopped believing that you'll achieve your goals simply because it was a long road,  then you'll have lost the opportunity to see yourself standing and saying,’I have done it, I have achieved my goals’ and that is why most people sit around dreaming about what they would have achieved, instead of allowing themselves to succumb to the challenges that come along with it and overcoming them.

Everyone has the potential to believe, but the moment hope leaves your body and you no longer have the power to drive yourself to overcome obstacles, then you will not achieve what you want. Life is like a story, every story has a protagonist and an antagonist, a plot twist, and obstacles. The obstacles and the antagonists are what makes the stories so interesting that without it, there would be no story. Nobody wants to read a book about a character who has everything and gets everything and never goes through hardship. That would be plain and boring. The more complicated the obstacles are the more interesting the story gets, and in a similar way each one of us is living our own story. If we expect life to throw everything to us, what will living be worth? You have to believe in what you want and then accept the challenges that come along with it.

We should never stop believing because belief is like water which constantly allows plants to grow and without it, they wither and die. Some people don’t like the hardships that come with life, but if you believe you'll overcome it, that small seed of hope will be enough to keep you going.

If you want to succeed in this battle of life you need to believe that you will overcome everything that life throws onto your path. Nothing will ever come easy even though at times it may seem like certain people has things easy for them and that life simply favored them. They won't tell you about the things that haunt them, the things they long for, what they gave up to achieve their dreams, and what path they took. Most people like to make it seem as though it was an easy journey, but life does not give anyone an easy time until it tests them to see their abilities and whether they're worth achieving their dreams.

Hard work and belief come hand in hand. You cant only believe and sit around waiting for the sky to bless you with opportunities. You have to believe but you also have to strive and try every path until you find the one that suits you.

There is no formula for life or belief, we each have our own challenges our own nightmares, and things that haunt us. Happiness is different for everybody. Some people may value money, others might value a simple family, a job, or rising above everybody. But no matter what you want you have to believe. We nurture plants from seedlings because we believe it will grow and flourish, we search for love because we believe that we will find it. Belief is like magic and it powers us to do things that make sense to us.

If the world stopped believing, a mother wouldn’t raise a child with an illness because she wouldn’t believe he would survive. A student who fails wouldn’t continue trying because they won't believe they can pass. A person won't work hard for the car of their dreams because they won't believe that it's in their reach. Nobody would work to live every day for fear that they wouldn’t be alive tomorrow. People work hard because they believe that if they educate their children they will have a better life than them. They go to school every day because they believe that they will complete it and one day have a good future. People quit their jobs to chase their dreams because they believe they will achieve it. Thats the power of belief, it takes a man from one path in life to another, it creates love, passion, dreams, hope. Without belief our heart will no longer be able to function, belief is like a battery and the more we believe, the more we’ll be happy, the more we will strive and the more we will want to live for.


In this way, we see how the world is powered by a belief in so many different ways although we don’t even realize it half of the time. But once you do start seeing belief around you, you'll become astonished and you'll learn that belief isn’t a mere word or phrase that we keep uttering, but it’s a form of life on its own.


It may be harder for some to believe in something when it seems like they're not even close to achieving their dreams, but it doesn’t matter. You don’t have to take a huge leap and jump from A and land at Z.You need to take it step by step, first believe that you'll achieve it and then work towards each point and continue working until you arrive at your desired destination.

If all the successful people like Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, and many more people had everything handed to them on a platter no one would be amazed by their success and be inspired. These people are proof that anyone can achieve anything they want. They didn’t start one day and land up making billions, it took time and it took years but most of all belief and hard work.

If you notice in life, people care more about the hardships that someone went through that led them to their dreams. They aren’t interested in someone who is going to give a speech on how from day one they had everything and they never struggled and how life was amazing. Most people would start yawning and walk away.

So when you go through hardships don’t look at it like its life's way of ruining you, but see it in a positive light and believe that this will be your story for someone one day, that you will inspire people to overcome their obstacles and that you will create belief in people and be a role model.

It’s easy to believe if you simply believe that you can believe. Once you believe in something nobody can drag you down, not even yourself.

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