How thinking can impact us

In relation to one of the T-shirts produced at MOODEROON we wanted to tell you the meaning behind why we chose to put the words “I’m thinking”. It is two simple words yet they hold so much meaning behind them that it would be wrong for us to say it’s such a simple phrase.

Let us elaborate for you what our intentions behind creating this T-shirt were. Nowadays our world is so innovative and that innovation has helped everything that has been created thus far including things like technology, buildings, fashion and so much to have been born into existence. They all came from a vision that people had, and to have a vision means you have to think.

All these thoughts that came from man were enough to transform our lives into the 21st century and give us everything we have. Our lives still continue to change even more rapidly than any other generation before because people nowadays are becoming innovative thinkers. People are encouraged to think now more than any other time before and that is because this mere power of thinking has the ability to completely transform our lives.

Thinking involves the gathering of information that forms concepts and engages in problem-solving, reasoning, and making precise decisions for the benefit of whom is concerned. This shows us that thinking in itself could be considered a mental sport that practically determines many aspects of our life.

Problem-solving develops from thinking and we will tell you why problem-solving might just be an important factor and skill that you should implement in your life. In this fast-changing era, employers often recognize everyday problem-solving skills as integral to the success of their organizations. Developing a problem-solving element for employees can be used for practical and creative solutions, and to show independence and initiative to employers. This skill can empower you in your personal and professional life.

There are certain skills that you might need to consider to improve your problem-solving skills:

  • Creativity – Using critical thinking and creativity widen your chance to see everything from a new perspective. When we open our minds to think further than we are used to it broadens our spectrum. This will effectively help us to create solutions to any problems we might have which improves our problem-solving skills and in turn, will better our thinking skills.


  • Ability to take risks- This could be one of the more important factors because without the ability to take risks your thoughts will simply remain thoughts and will never develop into something greater. You have to achieve the ability to take a risk even without knowing the outcome instead of fearing great opportunities because of ‘what ifs and buts’.You need to be able to believe that if you take this risk you will achieve what you desire and if you don’t happen to then that only means you have to try harder and take more risks because only then can you achieve what you want.


  • Controlling your emotions -When it comes to solving problems you need to learn to control your emotions to a certain level and not allow the way you feel to affect your thinking abilities or abilities to make decisions in life. When you separate your emotions from your critical thinking your eyes will open wider and you will be able to make sound decisions. Emotions have the power to take control of our thoughts and alter decisions which is why we need to be stronger and have control over it.

Once you master the art of problem-solving you master the ability to control many situations in your life and their outcomes which will help you in many ways.

However, thinking itself has two forms. Positive thinking and negative thinking. We will start with positive thinking and why we think it is the right type of way to think.

Positive thinking is so much more than being happy and forcing yourself to ‘think happy thoughts’ all the time. Positive thinking is more about stimulating your mind to give off the right kind of energy for your body that will impact you in a healthy way and assist you in developing the right kind of thinking skills. Positive thinking will not only affect you as an individual, but it will have the power to alter your relationships both personal and professional in ways that are good and can add value to your life.

When you experience positive emotions and see the positivity in things in your life then it gives you the ability to think forward and to envision a better life for yourself. This makes you want to improve your situation and stimulates your mind into thinking of various ways that you can do to continue feeling content.

The biggest benefit that positive thoughts provide is an enhanced ability to build skills and develop resources for use later in life. This simply means that if we focus our life on being positive and always looking to the future and never giving up when something does not go our way then we will grow with this mindset that will allow us to have a good vision which will prompt us into thinking positive constantly.

Our mind feeds on our thoughts and the more positive they are the more our minds will grow along with our physical state and if our thoughts are negative then our mind will begin to whither into a hole so deep that eventually, it will become impossible for us to crawl out of.

Now there are many reasons why we think negatively and how it impacts us but we are going to tell you a few reasons why we believe you should NOT think negatively.

It’s normal to think such thoughts once in a while, but to dwell on them or live among them can really affect your life in a negative way. Once you dwell constantly on negative thoughts you will begin to feel sad and depressed in your life which will not simply stop at affecting your mental health but it will also start affecting your physical health as well as you will start becoming lethargic and lose the lack to do anything in your life that may benefit you. You will feel the need to drown yourself in negativity and think about everything going wrong in your life without realizing that you are losing the essence of your time and your health in the process.

When you allow outside circumstances to determine your happiness, your natural state of peace deteriorates. This is when you start allowing every event that does not happen according to your plans to ruin your state of mind and you begin doubting and questioning everything that occurs.

When you think negatively you will end up losing good opportunities in your life because you will always have fear. Fear has the ability to ruin your life as it will put you in a position where you are too afraid to take the risk or simply try something different and believe that it will and can happen.

This type of thinking reflects a lack of confidence in yourself and a failure to trust in the process of life. And as a result, your enjoyment and appreciation of all the good stuff that life has to offer get distorted, leaving you in a victimized state and ultimately unhappy existence. You victimize yourself into believing that life does not value you whereas in actual fact it is simply you not valuing yourself.

We need to remember that thoughts are not born on their own and we are responsible for the direction in which we turn our thoughts to. We can either direct our thoughts to the good or watch our self-fall into the pits as we allow our self to lose and to become a victim to our own existence.


We want you to wear our T-shirts with pride and to help those who find themselves thinking negatively but do not know how to control it. This issue can be tackled in many ways but here are the most important ways that we consider imperative to stop thinking negatively.


  • Stop being judgmental to yourself – When you think negatively you are only judging yourself in the harshest way and that needs to stop. You need to ask yourself, what if you judged a stranger in that way and told them what you thought? Would it be appropriate? The answer is no. Most of the time we do not allow our self to judge people openly and tell them our thoughts and in the same manner, we should make it a taboo for us to judge ourselves for any mishaps that happen.


  • Practicing gratitude on a daily basis-The simple act of recognizing things in your life and being grateful for them has the ability to majorly transform your way of thinking. When we are grateful for a simple fact like being able to walk when there are others in life who can't, we will appreciate our legs and the list goes on. Similarly, the more grateful you are the more you will treasure and appreciate what you have which lessens the fact that you will find fault and think negatively towards situations in your life.


  • Recognize your strengths – You need to acknowledge your skills and strengths because once you do you will come to a realization that you have so much more than only faults. The more you can practice focusing on your strengths and not dwelling on mistakes you've made, the easier it will be to feel positive about yourself and the direction your life is taking. You will develop a clear vision and understand what path you should take which will lessen any burden that you feel in your life about your goal in life.


  • Surround yourself by people who you want to be – It is a known fact that the company we surround ourselves with have the ability to massively change the direction of our lives. We need to surround ourselves with people who constantly push us to be the better versions of ourselves and who support us and encourage us to think positively because this will turn us into a better person. Whether it’s the people you follow on social media or simply your friends, you need to distinguish those who will affect your life negatively and stay away from them.


Our T-shirt states two words yet it conveys a whole meaning behind them. We want you to think about and enhance your skills and abilities. We want you to transform your life for the better and take action for your thoughts. But just as we want you to think, we only want you to think positively and make the best of every situation.

Our T-shirt is a symbol of the fact that so much thought is put before we design it. We only want you being benefitted in every possible way even by the means of purchasing a single T-shirt.

When you think of MOODEROON, we want you thinking, thinking, and thinking. But remember to think positive thoughts.

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