Sport Fundamentals

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Sport is a massive field. In this post, we want to focus on some basics that are the base for all sports. Strength, endurance, and stamina are the basics of all sports, and we will give examples in bodybuilding, running, and home exercises.

Sport and health are work hand in hand for improvement in lifestyle. 


Strength and Bodybuilding


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One strength quote, "Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle." Napoleon Hill

Now when we talk about strength and being strong in sport, we mean muscle strength and physical strength, which is the amount of force you can produce with a single maximal effort.

Bodybuilding for women or men is important. It's not just about muscle size, but also to improve the strength of the body. To strengthen your body is to strengthen your mind and life style. 


Strength training

There are many ways to improve your strength, but for best performance and increase, it all comes to weight training. Moving your muscles out of your comfort zone and increasing the weight or increasing the repetition would improve your strength.

Here are some of the best exercises in the gym:

1- Squats


Squat is one of the best resistance training exercises because it uses all the major muscles—lower leg, thighs, hips, and muscles in the upper body too. The trainee has to lower their hips from a standing position, then stand up again. 

2- Lunges


Lunges uses the same muscles as squats. The most significant difference is that the focus in Lunges is on one leg instead of two in squats. This is important to note so trainees shouldn't add weight fast. Lunges is the position when the leg is forward with the knee bent and foot flat on the floor, and the other leg is behind.



Deadlift uses all the lower body muscles and most of the upper body muscles. The trainee is supposed to take the bar and lift it off the ground to their hips level. The torso must be perpendicular to the floor before placing the bar back on the ground.

4- Lat Pulldown


Lat Pulldown uses all the back muscles, the shoulders, the arms, and the chin. This exercise is pretty easy as it is just by pulling the bar downward and then upward.

5- Bent over Row


Bent over Row uses back muscles and all the big pulling muscles and like Lat Pulldown. It is done by bending your knees and bringing your torso forward over the bar. Make sure your back is straight and then grab the bar. Pull the bar to the torso and pause without moving the upper body. Then return the bar to the starting position and repeat.

6- Bench Press


Bench Press uses the chest, shoulders, and triceps. While laying down and eyes under the bar, grab the bar. Lift the bar and make your arms straight. Then, lower the bar to your chest and then press the bar until your arms are straight.

7- Barbell Curl


Barbell Curl is generally more of an exercise for males because it increases the volume of the biceps. But it doesn't just help with size. It helps with strength too. While standing up, chest wide and back braced, hold the bar with your hands. Keep your chest up and elbows tight and then raise your hands until the bar meets your shoulders level then lower it to the starting position.


Those 7 aren't the only exercises, but they will definitely help your bodybuilding workout. You can always ask a personal trainer for more information or what could work best for you. It is crucial to get supervision at the start.


Endurance and Running


Endurance definition and meaning is the body's ability to sustain prolonged physical effort. It is always associated with cardio or aerobic training. That's why running is the perfect example of this.  

To increase the endurance of muscle, you should do longer exercises. Running exercises since they are a type of cardio, tend to take longer time. And running everyday would tremendously help your endurance. 

There are generally many types of running workout as follows:

1- Recovery

Recovery runs are easier and slower pace done within a day after a tiring workout. Whenever you do a hard run or go the extra mile, recovery runs become best to help you recover and get back to your regular routine. And also for running beginners

2- Base

Base runs are at the runner's normal pace and they are in moderate length. It's a common type of run as it should be done often in every runner's schedule.

3- Long

Long run help in not just endurance, but also in burning fat. It should be done at most once a week. Their length depends on the runner level. Their length depends on the runner level. It can be 5k or a marathon, as a general rule, the longest run you've done is a long run.

4- Hill Repeats

Hill repeats are when you climb up usually for a short length. You can choose a starting point and an endpoint, and after running as fast as you can, you can go back to the starting point by jogging or walking. And repeat this process.

5- Progression

Progression runs are when a runner picks up the pace as they run further. The pace can start with a marathon's pace to 10k pace, but it can differ.

6- Fartlek

Fartlek runs are mixes in speed and distance. For beginners, it can walking for a minute, then jogging for a minute. For advanced runners, it's usually of running as fast as you can then jogging. It can be done by distance, too, for example, 100 meters for each cycle.

7- Tempo

Tempo runs are hard paced runs maintained for a more extended period of time. Those run can be as little as 4k. It's done by dropping your speed a bit to sustain the time for longer.

8- Sprint

Sprinting is running as fast as you can for a small distance. Then repeating it multiple times after resting between each sprint. It's excellent for both beginners or fit runners.

9- Interval

Interval runs are fast runs and between them, slow jogging or walking. The difference between intervals and fartlek is that intervals are more structured. Intense intervals are an amazing way for fast improvement.

Those are just common forms of runs. It's always up to you to decide and see what works for your goals. Happy running everyone :) 

Stamina and Home Exercises

Stamina definition and meaning is the ability to sustain prolonged physical or mental effort. It is always associated with cardio or aerobic training. The difference between stamina and endurance is about mental ability and your feelings. Stamina is about feeling energetic or lazy.

Home exercises are an excellent association with stamina and building stamina because it's available to everyone. And in the end, the best way to improve your stamina is by exercising. It may sound off because you're not in the mood, but the best way is to start. In home exercises will improve your lifestyle drastically. 

Those are simple and effective home exercises:

1- Push-ups

While push-ups usually refer to one common type of pushup, there are other types of different levels and target different muscles. We're going to focus on levels as it is home exercises. And they are great home exercise for chest.


This video shows more information about many types of push ups.

a- Beginners (Knee Pushup)



Knee push up is a great way to start, especially for women.

b- Intermediate (Traditional Pushup & Knuckle Pushup)

Traditional pushup



The traditional pushup is a fantastic exercise. You can try to increase the repetition of each session as you advance.


Knuckle Pushup


Knuckle pushup is a little bit harder than the traditional push up, but also more effective.

c- Advanced (Clap Push-ups & One Hand Push-ups)

Clap pushup


Clap pushup is a really cool pushup to do. It is a level many strive to achieve. It more intense than the traditional pushup which is better for advanced trainees.


One hand pushup


One hand push-up is probably just as cool of a push-up. It's also more intense and focuses all body weight on one side.


2- Plank

Plank is like pushups in its various types. However, we are going to stick to the traditional type. And plank is a great home exercise for abs.  You can adjust the time based on your level from 30 seconds to minutes per session.



 3- Crunches

Crunches is a home exercise for core that helps reduce belly size and also build six-packs. 



4- Burpee

Burpee is multiple exercises together. It is an intense activity, but very effective. It's more of aerobic training which helps build your stamina.



 5- High Knees

High knees are intense fast pace cardio exercises. It's both core and leg exercises.



 6- Bridge

Bridge is home exercise for back (lowe back to be specific) and gluteus strength.



 7- Side-lying hip abduction

This hip exercise will help you a lot in your core. It's an exercise everyone should consider doing. 



 8- Lunges

Lunges is home exercise for loges. While we have mentioned lunges above in strength and gym, we meant to do it here without weights and there with weights. 



 9- Squats

Squats is the same as the above lunges. In-home exercise legs, it's usually done with more repetition and without weight. 



10- Sit-ups

Sit ups are very similar to crunches. It helps with the core and building six-packs. 




Those 10 exercises will help you to exercise at home. And ultimately, starting to exercise will help you improve your stamina and energy. You can start with only 15 minutes or 10 minutes and increase it as you go along. You can even just do five repetitions of 7 or so out of the 10 as a start.


Remember that excuses will not give the results you want. Only doing will. Even if you don't want to keep on doing it, try to do something even if it was small. In the end, little things accumulated can become huge.


In the end, those are some ways to building up your strength, endurance, and stamina. But there are tons of other ways and they overlap. When you improve one of them, you improve the rest. Just keep on trying and you will see results, maybe not in a couple of days, or a week, but eventually, in a month, you will see a big difference in all aspects. And when you continue to months and years, it would make a huge difference in your life.





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